Nos services

We offer expert services in Canadian immigration for the following purposes :
  • Permanent residence
  • Sponsorship
  • Super Visa
  • Experience Canada work permit (PEC), Quebec Experience
  • Study Permit
  • Citizenship
  • Work permit for spouse
Immigration Élite strategically supports you throughout the different procedures required to settle in Canada. We are here to help you fulfill your projects and simplify these procedures.

  • We facilitate the processing of your application for immigration to Canada:
  • We assess your skills or those of your employees
  • We determine the best type of Canadian immigration for you
  • We prepare, fill out and submit your request
  • We communicate with your Canadian immigration office
  • We help you get ready for your personal interview at the visa office
  • We monitor the progress of your application until your visa is issued
  • We make your establishment in Canada easier:
  • We prepare for your arrival at a port of entry in Canada
  • We inform you about Canadian residence obligations
  • We explain the Canadian immigration process and the processing delays of your application
  • We facilitate the compliance of the job offer with the required criteria
  • We provide a labor market opinion and a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) or
  • a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ).
  • Facilitate the process of obtaining a study permit for a family member
  • Immigration Elite is here to assist you in completing the process while meeting your specific needs.
Our expertise in Canadian immigration
  • Process for admission to Canada for regular business visitors
  • Temporary resident visas
  • Work permit for intra-company transferees, workers with specialized knowledge, professionals, consultants and other categories of workers who have a labour market opinion (LMO) exemption
  • Obtaining LMO from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (if a shortage of skilled workers must be proven before hiring foreign workers)
  • Work permits for a large number of workers
  • Programs for young workers (trainees and workers in training)
  • Work permits for spouses
  • Study Permits for family members
  • Application for Permanent Residence
  • Application for Canadian Citizenship
  • Solving general border crossing problems
Together let’s boldly reach for the summit