Super visa

Immigration Elite can help you bring your parents or grandparents to Canada with a super visa. This will enable them to stay for a period of two years. We will advise you throughout the procedure of obtaining a super visa for your parents or your grandparents by applying for a temporary resident visa. You will also need to meet specific requirements of the Canadian government.

We can help you meet these requirements.

Requirements of the sponsor:

  1. Letter of invitation from sponsor.

  2. The sponsor must be able to support the family financially. There is a level of income that must be achieved.

  3. There is a level of income that must be achieved.

  4. A Canadian medical insurance must be purchased for a minimum of one year for the parents or grandparents.

Requirements for parents or grandparents

  1. They must undergo an immigration medical examination.

  2. They must demonstrate the interest to leave Canada at the end of the visit.

  3. They need to maintain links to the home country.